John Cena sees comical similarities between himself and Tom Brady

John Cena (pictured) and Tom Brady both enjoy fine soup, so he says.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

John Cena and Tom Brady don’t look all that similar, but the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight champion has reason to believe he’s just like his favorite team’s quarterback.

They both have multiple championships. They’re both well-known athletes in their respective sports. And they’ve both made a boatload of money over the course of their careers. However, Cena goes deeper than that with regards to the similarities between him and Brady.

"Similarities between me and Tom Brady? That’s easy," Cena said with a laugh on SportsCenter. "Both of our bosses are extremely well-dressed. Tom Brady was in the movie ‘Ted 2’; I saw ‘Ted 2’. Both of us enjoy a fine soup. And our favorite scented candle is pomegranate noir."

Now, there’s no word on whether or not Brady’s favorite scented candle is pomegranate noir, but it’s possible. As is the fact that they both enjoy a fine cup of soup.

Regardless, Cena’s claims are nothing short of hilarious. After all, who wouldn’t want to be just like Tom Brady?

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