Patriots’ Super Bowl-winning TD ball on display after James White forgot to keep it

The New England Patriots capped off the largest comeback in Super Bowl history when James White crossed the goal line from 2 yards out in overtime. He slammed the ball to the turf and ran around the field, celebrating the Patriots’ fifth championship.

The only problem is he didn’t keep the ball as a piece of memorabilia. In fact, he had no idea what happened to it.

“I actually don’t know what I did with it,” White said on the Dan Patrick Show, two days after the win. “I left it on the ground and started running. I wasn’t thinking in that moment.”

Fortunately, the Patriots were able to track down the ball and put it on display at The Hall at Patriot Place, which is adjacent to Gillette Stadium.

As you can see, the ball is pretty beat up. It’s unclear how long that ball was used in the game – likely just in overtime – but it took a beating regardless of the length of time it was on the field.

Now, about that other piece of memorabilia from the comeback. You know, Tom Brady’s missing jersey.

There’s still no word on where it is, with everyone still searching for that historic shirt. Robert Kraft said on Monday that it will be found at some point.

“I think that a lot of people spend a lot of time looking into the matter and what happened, and I’d rather not say anything that would cause any problems in the work that’s been done,” Kraft said. “One way or another, that jersey will be back.”