Is Pats’ title tainted or do all teams really do things the Patriot way?


No team hears this more than the New England Patriots, and after the Deflategate investigation revealed that Tom Brady and the team were caught bending the rules again, critics had a field day — especially with the amusing texts that the Pats’ staff shared.

But with the Pats winning the Super Bowl, the critics upped the ante, calling their title tainted.

"Imagine the things they’re doing that people don’t even know," Ephraim Salaam said Wednesday on "America’s Pregame."

Ronde Barber, however, thinks it’s much ado about nothing.

"Everybody cheats, Ephraim, you know this," Barber said. "There’s so many ways to get around the rules."

Molly McGrath added that people want to point the finger at the Pats because they’re so good.


"One of the most interesting things Tom Brady’s dad said … is that Tom Brady is guilty until proven innocent, and I think that’s true, because he’s Tom Brady," she said. "People want to find the Patriots doing something wrong."

But Salaam isn’t buying it. 

"Cheat me once, shame on you. Cheat me twice, then you a flippin’ cheater!" Salaam said.

Watch the whole debate in the video above.

Jay Glazer, who helped break the story as it developed, said he was surprised at the extent of what the NFL’s report revealed. He said that perception around the league is that there are two sets of rules: one for the Patriots and one for everyone else. 

Watch Glazer’s take in the video below.

Barber says as a player, his opinion of Brady is "not gonna change because of the amount of PSIs in a football."

"Now from a public perception standpoint, this has to change your opinion of him," Barber said.

Watch him explain why in the video below.

Finally, what kind of price will the Patriots pay? Mark Cuban predicts it will be a $1 million fine. Glazer gives us his thoughts on possible punishment, and why the entire scandal was so needless, in the video below.