This Redskins fan got an anti-Patriots tattoo that you might not believe

Super Bowl 51 gave us some strange things, in addition to the New England Patriots’ historic comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons.

One of them was the Genie Bouchard blind date. This is another.

As you can see in the video above — or here on Instagram — this Washington Redskins fan shared a photo of a butt tattoo that shows the Patriots trailed 28-3 with 2:08 left in the third quarter, and insisted it’s real.

So why would someone tattoo the third-quarter score on their butt, especially considering the Patriots came back to win?

The Instagram user, “orrazib_”, told SB Nation: “I just live in Connecticut and can’t stand these Pats fans so when I tell them to kiss my ass they will be reminded that they were gettin blownout !”