Watch Rob Gronkowski lead a morning aerobics class

Whether it’s the offseason or the Super Bowl, Rob Gronkowski is always having fun. It’s currently July, which means Gronk isn’t in pads just yet. That’ll come next week, but until then, he’s having fun around the city of Boston.

Just a few days after throwing out the first pitch at the Red Sox game, Gronkowski led an aerobics (or maybe dance?) class on Friday morning. It went as you’d expect.

He also spiked some beef jerky, because that’s what he does.

In addition to leading the aerobics class, Gronk also handed out ice cream with LeGarrette Blount and Malcolm Butler. And yes, he did spike the delicious treat, too.

Chock this one up to being the offseason of Gronkowski, which is probably the most exciting of its kind.