New England Patriots: Jimmy Garoppolo Reacts to Trade Rumors

New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is the subject of many trade rumors. How is he reacting to them?

It has been a wild season for New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Due to the suspension of Tom Brady, Garoppolo was scheduled to start the first four games of the season.

Because of an injury in Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins, Garoppolo was only able to make two starts. However, he was quite impressive in those two games. Against the Arizona Cardinals and Dolphins, Garoppolo totaled nearly 500 passing yards and four passing touchdowns without an interception.

With the solid audition, Garoppolo has emerged as a player that will likely be dealt this offseason. With the Patriots being in the Super Bowl, Garoppolo is focused on doing whatever he has must do to help his team.

“Well, to be honest, I really haven’t thought about it much,” Garoppolo said to Sarah Barshop of “It’s kind of … not even in the back of my mind. We’re focused on the Falcons this week. It’s a big week for us, biggest of the year, so that’s kind of where my mind is.”

Due to Brady’s durability over the years, many of his backups haven’t seen much action. Garoppolo certainly made the most of his chance to play, and that is why he has become a hot commodity this offseason.

“It was a good opportunity, and I went out and tried to take advantage of it and do everything I could,” Garoppolo said to Barshop. “And it worked out pretty well. The injury obviously wasn’t the best thing, but I think it was overall a good experience.”

The one team that has been closely linked to Garoppolo is the Cleveland Browns. With a desperate need for a quarterback and the draft picks to trade, they make a lot of sense as a trade partner. As the backup, Garoppolo runs the scout team offense. When the Patriots played the Browns in Brady’s return, Garoppolo, of course, got to run the Browns’ offense. However, he jokingly didn’t comment whether or not he liked it.

“I don’t even remember that, honestly,” Garoppolo said with a laugh to Barshop. “That was a while ago.”

Even though all of the focus is one the Super Bowl, the Patriots will have a big decision on their hands with Garoppolo. In all likelihood, we will see him traded this offseason.

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