Julian Edelman on Colts’ botched fake: ‘Shame on them’

Julian Edelman didn't hold back with regards to the Colts' botched fake punt.
Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts inexplicably ran one of the worst fake punts in NFL history against the New England Patriots on Sunday night, and they’ve caught some serious heat for it — and rightfully so.

By now you know it didn’t work, and head coach Chuck Pagano took full responsibility for it. Still, that didn’t stop Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman wondering what the Colts were thinking.

"You know, you’re not surprised with anything, how they play," Edelman told reporters after the game, via CSNNE.com. "They tried the onside kick. They did that. You know. Colts."

The Colts were trailing by six with 1:14 left in the third quarter, and rather than punting the ball away, Pagano called this play. 

"I’m glad they did it," he continued. "We got the ball back with great field position. We were alert. Our guys went to where we had to go. And, um, shame on them, trying that again."

For a coach that was already on the hot seat, it probably wasn’t the best play call. Now, Pagano’s seat likely just got hotter.

Belichick wasn’t as harsh, but he also didn’t give the Colts much credit for their attempt.

"We didn’t know what the play was going to be obviously, but they went to a swinging-gate type play, went into the over-shift, and we wanted to make sure we covered the inside part," Belichick said. "[We] reacted well to it. That was a good heads-up play by our punt return unit."

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