New England Patriots: Gronkowski Wants to be a Part of Sixth Pats Title

In between slamming beers and spiking the empty cans on the Boston streets, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowksi stole the show at the Patriots victory parade Tuesday.

Despite being injured for the last two months of the season and not playing in Super Bowl LI Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, the Pats charismatic tight end vowed he would be a part of the next championship team.

And, as always, he did so in fantastic fashion.

With the parade ending at City Hall Plaza, Gronkowski stole the microphone and let the crowd know that he would be back with a vengeance

“What’s up, Boston? Want to know something? When we get six [Super Bowls], your boy right here is going to be part of six, baby,” Gronkowski said to the roaring masses. “This team worked so hard to be where they’re at. I love these guys so much.

“I know I wasn’t part of playing in the game, but, please, I love being a part of this team, and this is just so amazing.”

Gronkowski was the life of the party for the Patriots on their fifth Boston parade in the last fifteen years. Shown shirtless and slamming down brews thrown to him from the jubilant fan base, Gronk wasn’t going to let his absence in the game itself hide the fact that he is very much a part of this team.

His roster situation bears monitoring in the months ahead, especially with impending unrestricted free agent Martellus Bennett expected to test the market. If the Patriots are unable to resign Bennett for top money, which is what he is looking for, Gronkowski–and his health–are going to be key parts of this offense next year, as they have been in years past.

But if the Patriots do agree to terms with Bennett, it’ll be interesting to see if Gronkowski will be shopped around to viable suitors. While he is undeniably the best tight end in football, his health has always been a giant question mark for the team and they proved this year they do not necessarily need him to win championships. He also commands a hefty $9 million contract coming up in 2017, so if the Patriots are looking to save some money for future years, this is a situation that bears monitoring.

For the meantime, however, Gronkowski, as he has always been with New England, is the life of the Patriots party.

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