New England Patriots: Coordinators Focused on Playoffs

The New England Patriots have two coordinators that are up for head coaching jobs this offseason. However, they are focused on the task at hand.

Due to the success of the New England Patriots this season, both of their coordinators are being considered for head coaching jobs. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has had a bit more attention on him than defensive coordinator Matt Patrica. However, they are both in consideration for a few teams.

Even though both could be coaching elsewhere next season, they are both focused on the task at hand. With the Houston Texans coming to town, the Patriots are expected to cruise easily to a victory.

“My respect to Houston is where all my attention is,” Patricia said to Reiss. “Sometimes you just kind of anchor into what we do day in and day out; you never really look at that stuff on a full scale, but it’s very fascinating.”

Even though the Patriots are huge favorites, they aren’t taking the Texans lightly. McDaniels will be challenged by the No.1 ranked defense in the NFL. The Texans’ defense has been very good this season, however, so has the Patriots’ offense.

Added McDaniels to Reiss: “We’ve been trained to switch gears and really tie our focus into the thing that is at hand. If it’s a work day, we know where our focus is going to lie. It’s absolutely going to be on the Texans this week. I’m looking forward to getting ready to go.”

With another Super Bowl being a possibility this season, it will be important for both McDaniels and Patrica to be focused. Each has been great this season, and the Patriots will need them to both be focused on the task at hand.

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