Patriots players surprise holiday shoppers with Target gift cards

Two Patriots players shared a great story about how they spent Christmas Eve.

Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The holiday season is all but over, but the stories about acts of kindness haven’t stopped just yet — and that’s awesome. Several athletes, such as Andre Johnson, treat kids to shopping sprees before Christmas, bringing cheer and happiness to those less fortunate.

This year, a couple of New England Patriots players treated unsuspecting shoppers to some Target gift cards on Christmas Eve. Rookie safety Brandon King and linebacker Darius Fleming shared this photo on Instagram to show how they spent the night before Christmas.

On Wednesday, King shared why he felt so generous, via Mike Reiss of ESPN.

"Even though I’m here, I’ve been in another situation before where I understand, when you go through Christmas, a lot of families have to take away money from bills and stuff they have to pay just to help out [buying presents] for the kids," King said. "It was pretty much a random thing. If we saw someone shopping, I just introduced myself and decided I was going to help them out. I was just trying to give back a little bit for the holidays."

These are the kind of stories that are always great to hear about. By no means did King or Fleming have to treat those families on Christmas Eve, but they felt generous and were kind enough to perform this gesture. And according to Mike Reiss, they planned to just give out one gift card but ended up giving out three or four.

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