Belichick has great take on Gronk’s partying: ‘Whatever works for you’

Rob Gronkowski sticks to a strict regiment during the season, but coach Belichick is permissible of his antics during the offseason.
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If the excerpts from “It’s Good to be Gronk,” an upcoming book from Rob Gronkowski (co-written by Jason Rosenhaus) are representative of what is contained in its 224 pages, fans are in for a real treat. Pages culled from the tome by the Boston Globe’s Gayle Fee for a column published Thursday establishes that the New England Patriots tight end doesn’t hold anything back as he chronicles his life both on and off the football field.

The book details his evolution from wild and crazy youngster to an even wilder and crazier adult, including his partying days in high school to his even more out of control partying during his college days.

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Because perhaps the best story to emerge from the excerpts culled by Fee is the one about how Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was neither impressed nor worried about Gronkowski’s hard-partying ways.

During a chat with the boss, Gronkowski reported that he told Belichick that the “fun stuff makes me grind harder, Coach!”

Belichick apparently reacted to Gronk’s statement in a manner that is as Belichickian as it gets.

“He shook his head and walked away and said, ‘Whatever works for you …’” Gronkowski revealed.

Sounds about right. And that’s why insanely awesome things like “Gronk’s Party Ship” continue to this day.

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