Teams weigh in on Myles Jack’s decision to skip pro day as draft nears

Myles Jack is expected to go in the top 10.

Joe Nicholson/Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the NFL Draft is less than a month away, and prospects are doing all they can to improve their stock. For former UCLA linebacker Myles Jack, that means not having a personal pro day.

Jack will not put his skills on display in front of a large contingent of NFL personnel, and it’s quite likely that he will not take part in the 40-yard dash before the April 28 draft, reported. He is still recovering from a right knee injury and his agent doesn’t want a less-than-100-percent Jack posting a poor time.

"He’s close, but he’s not totally ready, and I’m not gonna let him go out there and run an average time," Jack’s agent, John Thornton, told on Tuesday. "He’s going back to Indy for a medical recheck on April 14th and 15th, so he won’t be doing anything before then."

It appears Jack’s reluctance to partake in a pro day won’t do much to his draft position.

"I don’t think it will affect anything," an unnamed head coach told "He’s doing a ton of great movement stuff."

Another team’s general manger compared Jack’s situation to running back Todd Gurley’s last year.

"He won’t drop at all," the GM said. "It’s like (running back Todd) Gurley last year."