Move over, Sherman: Milliner says he’s NFL’s best CB

New York Jets corner Dee Milliner just set himself a lofty standard to uphold.

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Richard Sherman apparently isn’t the only one who thinks he’s the best corner in the game.

New York Jets corner Dee Milliner didn’t shy away when he told the New York Daily News that he’s the best cornerback in the NFL.

"The best corner in the league? Me," Milliner said. "I ain’t gonna say that somebody else is better than me."

While Sherman, Darrelle Revis and many other football pundits may disagree with the bold statement coming from a second-year corner who was benched several times last season, Milliner did close out the 2013 campaign on a high note.

He had 27 tackles, three interceptions and 13 passes defended in the last month and became the NFL defensive rookie of the month for December.

That said, many can agree that Milliner, whose first interception didn’t even come until Week 16, doesn’t have the resume that guys like Sherman or Revis have.

Milliner may have put a little more pressure on himself with those comments, and he must now walk the walk to live up to his bold remarks.

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