More fan violence at Candlestick Park

A fan suffered a concussion and a broken arm and nose at

Candlestick Park after police say he was attacked during the San

Francisco 49ers 27-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts this


The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a 29-year-old man was

arrested Sunday on suspicion of beating the 40-year-old man for

urinating in the man’s car.

Reports of other assaults at the game were also logged with

stadium security.

49ers’ season ticket holder Daisy Barringer said she was kicked

and punched by another 49ers fan.

The 36-year-old said she has seen violence at both home games

this year, and during the preseason.

Security was increased at the stadium two years ago after two

shootings, a beating and fights broke out during a preseason game

with the Oakland Raiders.