Reaction from fans after the

Jaguars’ 36-26 victory over the

Buffalo Bills on Sunday:

Slow start but corrected mistakes. They are playing like a team.

Garrard looked good and Scobee is the star again.

Joanie, Westside

And now for something completely different … back-to-back wins

for the


Jeff, Jacksonville

Way to overcome a shaky start and pull together as a team! Nice

to see No. 21 regain some confidence.

Jason, Palena, Italy

Great game by the

Jaguars. A complete game. Overcoming

a 10-point deficit is the mark of a great team. Josh Scobee is the

best kicker in the NFL.

Satish, Jacksonville

Can it be that David Garrard has finally shaken the good-game,

bad-game syndrome by having two good games in a row? He looked good

today, he needs to do it for 14 more games.

Alan, Orange Park

They came out with confidence and maintained that swagger even

after the two turnovers. They looked like a real football team on

both sides of the ball. Keep it up and good things will happen for

us all.

Donald, Jacksonville

How many sacks so far this year? This d-line is looking like the

old days. Kampman, Alualu, Knighton are beasts. C’mon Harvey, it’s

your turn.

Nicole, Orange Park

Mathis is overpaid for his production. His tackling skills are

worse than Neon Deion was ever perceived to be. Pushing at a

receivers head to knock him out of bounds is ridiculous. Use your

pads and helmet and lay some wood to someone.

Brian, Jacksonville

What a time for Derek Cox to make a comeback. As the game went

on, he got better and better. Mike Sims-Walker picked a good game

to make his presence felt. Looks like the right players are falling

into place for a serious run at postseason.

Miyoshi, Pembroke Pines

How many people were calling for Garrard to be replaced after

the interception? Another solid game for him. This is a game the

Jaguars should have won and they

did. That’s a good sign. We’ve dropped those in the past. Derek Cox

played well after he was inserted. It’s easy to see why Gene Smith

drafted him.

Jami, Arlington, Va.

Wow, we have a win streak! Is two even a streak? We did play a

0-4 team. Let’s see what we do against Tennessee now.

Mark, Live Oak

Thanks for a great win and a nice, relaxing 4th quarter! Made

watching the game from London on the computer a lot easier!

Mark, Jacksonville

Good going, guys … after the “reality check” in the first

quarter, you finally figured out that you cannot be complacent when

you’re going up against a less successful team. The

Jaguars just need to be consistently

reminded that you are “in it to win it” and don’t ever let your

guard down!

Barbara, Jacksonville

Back-to-back 30 point games? The play calling is getting better

and the offense is starting to click.

Michael, Columbus, Ohio

Congratulations to the Jekyll & Hyde

Jaguars on their win. With this team

you never know which side you’re going to get, but glad the one

that resembled the team that beat the Colts won out in the end.

Deme, Jacksonville

To all of you who wanted to fire Del Rio and Garrard, shame on

you. They put their hearts out on the field today. They backed us

when the majority of you didn’t back them.

Chris, Tallahassee

What a beginning. Was ready to go wash my boats as “there they

go again.” But the mark of a good team is being able to bounce

back, which the Jags did. Scobee is “the man.”

Charlie, Jacksonville