MLB players want to trade lives with Tom Brady

MLB players want to trade lives with Tom Brady.
Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports Images

By Ricky Doyle

Want more evidence Tom Brady’s life is a fairytale?

ESPN recently polled Major League Baseball players anonymously regarding several topics, including overrated/underrated players, World Series contenders and pace of play. It also asked some of the 117 respondents whom they’d like to be in life, and the New England Patriots quarterback was a common answer.

ESPN asked, “If you could trade lives with one other famous athlete, who would it be?”

Brady and NBA superstar LeBron James were the most popular responses, with each garnering 14 percent of the vote.

“I’d be Tom Brady,” one American League pitcher told ESPN. “Playing in the Super Bowl, sleeping next to Gisele (Bundchen)? C’mon!”

Good points. TB12 does seem to have it all figured out.

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