The Vikings filled a rookie’s car with 60,000 bags of fruit snacks

Through the years, professional athletes seemed to have cornered the market on pranks. From popcorn in the car, to popcorn in the house, to everything in between, athletes are never afraid to mix it up with their teammates at the expense of a good laugh.

And Wednesday we got the latest example of that.

It came courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings, whose starting QB Teddy Bridgewater was apparently the ring leader of a group of players who put 60,000 bags of fruit snacks… yes, 60,000… in the car of rookie Laquon Treadwell.

Why 60,000?

Who knows, but man are these some awesome pictures.

Thank you @teddyb_h2o and @kylerudolph82 @welchsfruitsnck for your generous donations.. 60,000 bags of fruit snacks..

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This what happens when your rookie and your birthday is during Minicamp.. @vikings

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