Michael Brockers says he would like to stay a Ram his whole career

Michael Brockers would like to play his whole career in a Rams jersey. 

Rick Osentoski/Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive tackle Michael Brockers has made it clear he would like to sign a contract extension with the Rams and play his whole career in St. Louis. 

Brockers is very fond of the coaching staff, especially Fisher, and believes he can be a part one of the best defensive lines in football for years to come. 

"I am definitely hopeful I can get a long-term deal," Brockers said, via ESPN.com. "Being here with Fish, I love the team. Everybody wants to stay with one team their whole career. I know it’s a business but at the same time, I love these guys here and I would love to stay here in St. Louis and be with these guys."

Brockers will be with the Rams at least through the 2016 season after the Rams exercised his option. But Brockers is not going to worry about an extension beyond that, he wants to let his play on the field do the talking.

"I’m going to let agents and GMs do what they have to do," Brockers said. "I’m going to try to stay back and get my eye on the field and what I have to do to get better."

The Rams moved Brockers to nose tackle midway through the 2014 season to free up more space for Rookie of the Year Aaron Donald. With the move, Brockers doesn’t get nearly the same amount of stats, but it does not bother him as long as the team is winning games. 

"I’m OK with that," Brockers said. "I’ll do a great job, whatever they ask me to do, that’s what I do and I do it to the best of my ability. If it’s helping this team win games, that’s all I can ask for."

(h/t ESPN)