Michael Bennett: Ryan Tannehill was Texas A&M’s best athlete — not Von Miller

Michael Bennett doesn’t like quarterbacks. That’s natural for a Pro Bowl defensive end, but he takes his dislike for the position to another level.

It wasn’t long ago that he and his brother Martellus discussed the league’s quarterbacks, which included calling Jay Cutler the “worst” in the NFL and dubbing Tom Brady a “silver fox you never get to see but you hear about.” Bennett doesn’t dislike all of the league’s passers, though: He likes Miami’s Ryan Tannehill.

Bennett was a senior at Texas A&M when Tannehill was just a freshman receiver. Of course, Tannehill later transitioned to quarterback, but he brought his athleticism with him – and Bennett acknowledges his incredible traits.

Bennett didn’t play alongside Tannehill for very long with the Aggies, but he was a fan of the receiver-turned-quarterback. And that appreciation and respect has carried over to the NFL, where the two will square off Sunday.

"I’ve always liked Tannehill. I like him. He went to the same school as me,” Bennett said. “I’m not going to like him on Sunday. That’s a whole different story. I like him as a guy. He was always a good guy to me."

Bennett is still recovering from a toe injury that has kept him out of practice a few days last week. He’s expected to play, and when he does, he’ll look to sack his former Aggies teammate. Perhaps he’ll take a little something off when he brings Tannehill to the ground. Or maybe (definitely) not.