Miami Dolphins win with miracle comeback

The Miami Dolphins played 56 minutes of the ugliest football in the last month. And the game was boring as hell. Then the final four minutes appeared on the clock.

For all the talk of Ryan Tannehill not being a game changer and just a game manager, Tannehill took his team on two final drives to not just score but to win a game that they trailed for all but the final 00:46 seconds.

Trailing 10-0 late in the 4th and having not converted a single 3rd down all game, the Dolphins drove the field and scored on a Tannehill to Jarvis Landry touchdown. It took the entire team however to get Landry in the endzone.

Catching the ball on the 5 yard line, Landry was stopped by the Rams defense but Landry kept churning and that allowed his offensive line to get to him and start pushing the Rams back. With a final push by Ryan Tannehill on the pile, Landry collapsed into the endzone.

The Dolphins now trailed by only three but still needed a huge defensive stand and they got it on the Rams next series. With just under 2:00 minutes left the Dolphins again drove the field but this time it was DeVante Parker who starred.

Parker caught three passes on the final Dolphins drive including the game winning touchdown.

Setting up the game change was a missed field goal by Greg Zeurlein that allowed the Dolphins to drive the field for their first score. Their second drive was helped by a roughing the passer call after Tannehill connected with Kenny Stills for a first down.

Defensively the Dolphins played a very good game keeping the Rams rushing attack under wraps and keeping rookie Jared Goff uneven throughout the game. The Rams lone touchdown came on a Todd Gurley breakaway early in the first quarter. The Rams would add a field goal in the 3rd to increase their lead to 10.

In the end, the Dolphins defense never quit.

The game proved one thing and that is this Dolphins team is no longer quitting regardless of how they played during the entire game. As little as six weeks ago the Dolphins would have phoned this in but Adam Gase has this team believing that they can win at any time and they proved it today.

On the season the Dolphins have won two of three on the West coast with only a loss to Seattle in the opening week. A game that the Dolphins should have won. Miami moves to 6-4 on the season and in the thick of the post-season hunt. With the win today and the bye week of the Denver Broncos, Miami moves one game behind the Broncos and one game behind the Chiefs who lost to Tampa Bay earlier in the afternoon. Both the Broncos and the Chiefs play each other twice in the remaining six weeks.

The Dolphins will return home to face the San Francisco 49’ers as they go for their 6th win in a row.

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