Miami Dolphins Vs. San Diego Chargers history

The Miami Dolphins and the San Diego Chargers will play each other for the 4th time in four years. The Dolphins lost in San Diego last season but had beaten the Chargers at home the two games prior.

Last season the two teams met in San Diego and the Chargers beat the Dolphins 30-14. Danny Woodhead scored four touchdowns on the day, three of them on Phillip River passes. Woodhead is on IR this year. The Dolphins were able to add a Jay Ajayi touchdown in the 3rd quarter and a Ryan Tannehill touchdown run late in the 4th quarter.

Overall the teams have met 31 times in their history and the Dolphins currently lead the series by one game, 16-15. The last time the Dolphins beat San Diego in San Diego was 2005. Losing their last three visits to Qualcomm Stadium.

While the teams haven’t faced each other often although the last four years would say differently, the two clubs have had some really fantastic games. Most notably of course the 1982 playoff game that Miami lost in over time 41-38.

In 1995 the Dolphins had a opportuntity to advance in the playoffs. Playing in San Diego, Miami lost on a last-minute missed field goal by then kicker Pete Stoyonovich.

Over the 31 games that hve been played there has been several intriguing points.

Number of shutouts: 3  Miami has shut out the Chargers twice while San Diego’s lone shutout came in 1967.

Most points scored: San Diego put up 50 points against the Dolphins 28 in September of 1986 marking the largest points allowed to the Chargers. The Dolphins have also surrendered point totals of 41 and 45, both losses. Miami’s highest point total was 41 in December of 1967. Miami has put up point totals of 38 in a loss and 37 in their shutout victory in 2014.

Longest winning streak: The Dolphins won 7 straight between 1995 and 2008. The Chargers longest streak is two. They have done that seven times.

Current NFL rankings:

Overall Team Defense:

Dolphins: 17th

Chargers 19th

Against the Run: 

Chargers: 5th

Dolphins: 30th

Against the Pass:

Dolphins: 8th

Chargers: 26th

Overall Team Offense:

Chargers: 9th

Dolphins: 20th


Chargers: 7th

Dolphins: 29th


Dolphins: 6th

Chargers: 18th

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