Report: Dolphins QB Tannehill admits to beefing with practice-squad players

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill on Wednesday addressed a report from earlier this week that made him look pretty bad. Tannehill admitted that he said some things to practice squad players that he shouldn’t have said, but he insists he never brought up money.

While speaking to reporters, Tannehill ripped the National Football Post report for printing “slanderous” things about him.

“Yeah, I’m upset,” he said, per Jeff Darlington of NFL Network. “It’s slanderous to report things I didn’t say, to degrade my reputation, it’s sickening to me.”

But even Tannehill admitted that the report wasn’t completely false. As Darlington notes, he confessed to telling scout team players to enjoy their “practice squad trophy” but insists he never made any remarks about a “practice squad paycheck.”

“I said nothing about a paycheck,” Tannehill insisted. “I hold myself to a higher standard than to say something like that.”

Tannehill said he spoke with the players he had issues with during last weekend’s practice and cleared everything up. He also expressed frustration over a member of the organization leaking information that is supposed to stay in house.

The paycheck comment was obviously the worst thing that was reported, but bickering with practice squad players who are getting the best of you is never a good look. When you take into consideration what one star quarterback supposedly does when practice squad guys intercept his passes, you get the idea that Tannehill needs to learn to keep his cool and not let teammates get the best of him. If practice players can get under your skin that easily, good luck during actual games.

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