Dolphins fans petition for a return to retro jersey

Miami lost to the New York Giants last Monday night, but the retro uniforms worn by the Dolphins were big winners.

In fact, the throwbacks were so popular that at least two separate online petitions have launched, urging the franchise bring them back on a full-time basis.

As of Wednesday afternoon, a posting at had more than 1,300 electronic signatures. A similar petition at stood at around 600-plus signatures.

"The old logo was great," the posting reads. "People loved it and it symbolized a time of greatness for this franchise. I say that we go back and make it ours again."

The retro aqua-green jerseys with block lettering and orange-and-white-striped sleeves were styled after those worn by the first Dolphins squad from 1966. The last time Miami wore them was for a Thanksgiving Day game at Dallas in 2003.


"They’re cool uniforms," Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill told South Florida media before the game. "They look pretty sweet."

Unfortunately for Dolphins fans wanting a permanent change, one isn’t coming for at least the 2016 season. That’s because of the NFL’s licensing agreement with Nike for the team’s current uniform style, which was changed in 2013.

However, Dolphins management is well aware of the positive feedback being given to the retro threads and is considering options that would bring them back in the future. One possibility is making them the team’s "alternate" jersey for one specially designated game in 2016.

The NFL adopted rules allowing a third uniform style outside of the standard home-and-away jerseys in 2002. The "color rush" jerseys being worn by selected teams this season is an example as well as throwbacks worn earlier in 2015 by Pittsburgh and Green Bay.