Miami coach downplays bullying story

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has taken a serious tone when talking about the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying controversy, which has drawn criticism and raised eyebrows far beyond the NFL.

But at least one Miami coach sees the matter differently.

“This is the most overblown story,” a Dolphins coach was heard saying outside the team’s training facility Wednesday, according to the Miami Herald. “Everybody knows Richie [Incognito] has a past.”

Indeed, most people do know Incognito has a past, but whether that past was allowed to run amuck in a locker room where Incognito was considered a leader is what is under more scrutiny. Incognito’s remarks and treatment of Martin have brought into question the entire culture of the NFL, with many critics saying those inside football have little idea how out of line they are. This Dolphins coach would appear to be affirming that point.

The NFL is reviewing the situation and is expected to make a ruling in a few weeks.