Miami Dolphins Adam Gase calls out the media

When your football team is on a five game winning streak, like the Miami Dolphins, you can sometimes take the liberty of calling out those that criticize you. That is exactly what happened today with Adam Gase.

It’s no secret, especially for those who follow along with social media that some of the local beat writers don’t exactly think Ryan Tannehill is franchise material. Even when Tannehill plays well he gets little. But when he has a bad game, watch out.

Apparently, Adam Gase is done listening.

While there are plenty of detractors in the media and outside of the media…as in the fan base, Gase is the first head coach to openly support Ryan Tannehill. Joe Philbin was often quiet about the subject opting to say nothing.

There is little question that while Tannehill still needs a lot of growth his time with Adam Gase is starting to show on the field. Tannehill is becoming a leader on the field and he is starting to display the type of emotion the position demands. On Sunday, he took the team on his shoulders when they needed him the most. And he didn’t let them down.

The play of Tannehill on Sunday was the kind of game that brings his players on to his side. It showed that he was not only capable of taking the team on his shoulders but he rallied his players around him. And together the entire team won the game.

As for the media, well they will most certainly continue to take their jabs and spout their opinions, it’s what they are paid to do but finally there is a head coach who can stand in front of them and tell them he thinks they are wrong. And the fans are loving him for it.

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