Melvin Gordon explains how he collided with Broncos coach Wade Phillips


Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips suffered a scare Sunday, when Chargers running back Melvin Gordon ran into him in the second quarter of Denver’s 27-19 win.

Phillips was placed on a cart with his neck stabilized, leaving many to fear the worst for the 69-year-old. But those fears were put to rest when the team provided positive updates regarding his condition.

The Broncos said Phillips was released from the hospital Sunday night, and he was expected to be back at the team’s facility Monday.

But Gordon still felt badly about the incident, saying he was “really sorry” and explained what happened moments before the collision.

“I was running like a bullet and I think [Broncos linebacker Von] Miller pushed me out, and I didn’t know I hurt him,” Gordon said after the game. “I didn’t even know it was me. I hope he’s OK.

“You’re in a game, and usually if it’s a player [on the sideline], they usually catch you, regardless of what side it’s on. They try to catch you. I just kind of ran into him, and I couldn’t stop. I was going too fast.

“I’m really sorry about that, especially when I found out that I was the one who kind of hurt him. There wasn’t any mean intention on that.”