McKenzie sorry for penalties in Giants loss

A day after getting benched, Giants tackle Kareem McKenzie

described his behavior in a loss to Tennessee as


A solemn and contrite Kareem McKenzie stood in front of his

locker at New York’s training facility Monday and spoke frankly

about his two personal foul penalties. McKenzie met with coach Tom

Coughlin in the morning to discuss getting called for the penalties

during the Giants’ sloppy 29-10 loss Sunday.

”I spoke with him and it was a conversation that needed to be

had,” the 10-year veteran said. ”I have to exercise better


”The behavior I displayed was despicable and deserved that

action. I have to learn from this experience and move on. I

expressed myself in a manner that in no way, shape or form helped

this team. I was not really thinking properly. That’s the basis of


McKenzie didn’t offer any excuses for being flagged for the two

key penalties, the second one earning him a spot on the bench for

the remainder of the game.

”Football is a game of aggression,” McKenzie said. ”You’re

trying to impose your will and then you lose your cool. It’s just

not right. It was a mistake. I can learn from it. I looked outside

the ultimate goal, which is the team. I got caught up in all that

was going on around me and I did not exercise good judgment. I will

get better from this.”

Coughlin would not elaborate on what was said in the discussion

with McKenzie, but said he was not planning any changes to his

starting offensive line.

”Kareem is a very sincere and intelligent young man,” Coughlin

said. ”He recognizes the errors of his ways. He flat out got too

upset and lost his poise. You can’t get to that point. He knows he

hurt us.”

McKenzie wasn’t the only Giant flagged Sunday. There were 11

penalties against the Giants, five of which were 15-yard personal

fouls. The Giants also turned over the ball in key situations,

dropped a handful of passes in the open field, and had a difficult

time on special teams.

”Disappointing is the best word I can use,” Coughlin said.

”Our frustration level was high. We were able to take it up and

down the field, but couldn’t get in the end zone and couldn’t score

points. The opportunities certainly were there. We played hard. We

just didn’t play smart. The penalties were a shock for all of us

and that has to be corrected.

”Too many times, they had the ball at midfield. It’s

unacceptable. We had our meeting this morning and we’re obviously

very humble. We’re all down, but we’ll be back up. We’ll move on

and learn from this.”

The Giants, who host the Bears on Sunday night, are stunned at

their 1-2 record.

”We just feel like we beat ourselves,” quarterback Eli Manning

said. ”We made too many self-inflicted mistakes. We had some other

mistakes that were not mental. We can’t have turnovers and

penalties like that. The personal fouls were unheard of. I don’t

even have an answer for that. A lot of things were not going right

for us, but they’re correctable and we have to fix them.”

Guard Chris Snee thinks the Giants have to look at


”We just have to do a better job of controlling ourselves,”

Snee said. ”We can’t play the way they wanted us to play with all

the dirty stuff going on. It was pretty obvious watching the tape

what they (the Titans) were doing. It’s not the way the game is

supposed to be played, but if you want to play it that way, that’s

fine, but we can’t get caught up in it.”

Coughlin is hopeful his team has put the dumb mistakes behind


”Everyone says that we have talent, but we have to come

together as a team and prove it,” Coughlin said.

McKenzie is sure the bad play is history.

”That was yesterday,” McKenzie said. ”Today is a brand new


Notes: Giants C Shaun O’Hara was still wearing a protective boot

on his right foot and is expected to see a specialist about the

injury on Tuesday.