Matt Schaub: Ravens have best QB room in all of football

Matt Schaub believes that between himself and Joe Flacco, the Ravens are pretty well set at the quarterback position.
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

By Rachel Wold

Before the Baltimore Ravens signed 11-year veteran quarterback Matt Schaub, the quarterback depth behind Joe Flacco was extremely thin.

Schaub was nearly the only viable option for the Ravens to latch on to. That said, head coach John Harbaugh seems to be happy with his ultra-cheap, one-year, $3 million investment, saying, “The bottom line is Matt [Schaub] is a very good fit for the Ravens.”

Speaking about his new home in Baltimore, Schaub appeared to be extremely enthusiastic about teaming up with Flacco.

“I just feel like we're going to have one of the best [quarterback] rooms in all of football,” he said.

While most would find this quite debatable, the Ravens’ camp appears to be delighted by the addition of Schaub, who shared more on what was a failed 2014 season for himself (via the Baltimore Sun).

“I had a rough year. I learned from it. I’ve got a lot more football left in me,” said Schaub, before noting that his once banged-up elbow is fine and wasn’t a factor in 2014. “I know what I can do as a player. I know what I’m capable of. It’s just a matter of finding the right opportunity.”

While Schaub is hyped to prove he can dig himself out of the disastrous hole he fell into in mid-2012, he may not get much opportunity to start. Luckily for the Ravens, Flacco has started all 16 games in each of his first seven seasons.

Unfortunately for Schaub, our last memories of him were his four pick-sixes in four consecutive games in 2013.

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