Did Matt Ryan just give us the worst interception of the year?

This guy's interception is a candidate for stinker of the year.

Kirby Lee/Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Up 21-0 at halftime on Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons still found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory vs. the Detroit Lions in London.

Thanks to the team’s poor execution throughout the second half, Atlanta gave the game away.

And you won’t find a play that more perfectly sums up that statement than this stunningly bad interception, courtesy of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. 

Matty Ice literally gave the ball away.

It’s unclear why Ryan made the decision to put the ball anywhere near this part of the field. There’s not a Falcon in sight — only Lions cornerback Cassius Vaughn.

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The backlash on Twitter was predictably brutal:

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