Matt Patricia lookalike says TV appearance caused his phone to blow up like never before

The audience for FOX's Sunday broadcast of the Los Angeles Rams-New England Patriots game had the opportunity to see a triple-take-inducing Matt Patricia doppelgänger seated in the crowd.

The Patriots fan's real name is Kevin Sullivan, and he bears an absolutely uncanny resemblance to Patricia, New England's 42-year-old defensive coordinator.

As Sullivan explained in an interview with Toucher & Rich on Monday, the “look” doesn't require much work. He's naturally bearded, and that lends itself to dressing up like Jesus and other famous bearded people, but the Patricia resemblance is undeniable and hilarious. A partial transcript follows (lightly edited for clarity and brevity):

T&R::Were you aware that you were being talked about in great detail during the FOX broadcast?

KS: I keep my phone on silent during games, so I wasn’t getting the messages, but my buddy who got the tickets was getting the updates. so I looked at my phone and I had over 170 text messages and Facebook updates and stuff. It was crazy.  … It’s the most my phone has ever blown up in a single serving.

T&R: Is this a concerted effort to look like Matt Patricia? Do you have a beard and your hair specifically to resemble him?

KS: I’m a regularly bearded person. No doubt about that. I shave my beard a couple times a year — I shave it after the Bruins playoffs. I usually grow it all winter long, shave it after the Bruins, usually have it during the summer, but if it gets too long or too hot I’ll shave it again and then I start growing it during the winter again.

T&R: Has anyone been dopey enough to think you’re actually Matt Patricia during a game?

KS: Well I get yelled at all the time being called Matt Patricia during the games if I’m wearing the red sweatshirt and the hat. That’s how I wear my hat every day, you can ask any of my friends. That’s the way I am.

T&R: So big dudes with beards are kind of a common theme with people you dress up as. I saw your Facebook page this morning, it’s not just Patricia, correct?

KS: I was Jesus a couple of years ago for Halloween. I was Duck Dynasty a couple years ago. This past year I was Fidel Castro. I wore Matt Patricia to the Halloween game last year and took some pictures with the fans. And I wore to the parade a couple years ago. So it’s happened before.