Matt Moore Destroyed by Thunderous Bud Dupree Hit (Video)

Matt Moore is already starting for the Miami Dolphins due to a quarterback injury and he himself almost got hurt on this monster Bud Dupree hit.

Matt Moore starting at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins wasn’t part of their plan. However, the veteran backup was able to step into the role when Ryan Tannehill, the normal starter, suffered a season-ending knee injury. Already getting blown out early by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card Playoff, though, Moore himself almost had to stay on the sideline due to injury.

Rather than because of an awkward hit to the knee as in the case of Tannehill, though, the Dolphins backup almost had to leave due to getting leveled by Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree.

Dupree’s return coming into the postseason was a huge boost for the Steelers defense. He’s arguably the best overall playmaker on the unit right now and has a knack for punishing opposing quarterbacks. So when Moore rolled out to his right to try and buy time with his guys not being open, Dupree recognized the play and shot up the field to try and make a play. In doing so, he came at Moore like an absolute missile and rocked the quarterback as he tried to make a throw:

As you’d expect after taking a blow like that, Moore had to leave the game briefly. Somehow, though, it was only for one play.

The Steelers offense ran circles around the Dolphins in the first half, but it was their defense that held the Dolphins in-check largely that really made a huge difference. This Pittsburgh team as a whole seemed fired up from the opening kickoff, evidenced by the ferocity of this hit. If they play like this on both sides of the ball, they’re a viable Super Bowl contender.

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