Matt Leinart blasts ‘Superman’ for taking shot at his NFL career

It's Matt Leinart vs. Dean Cain. Who ya got?

Grant Halverson

Matt Leinart might not have been a big success in the NFL, but the Heisman-winning quarterback isn’t taking any crap about his career from anyone —€” not even Superman.

Leinart took to Twitter to take a not-so-veiled shot at Dean Cain after the actor, who played the Man of Steel in the ’90’s show "Lois and Clark," told TMZ that Johnny Manziel should tone it down so he doesn’t end up like Leinart.

That apparently riled up Leinart, who reminded everyone that he at least played in the NFL. Cain, a former football player as well, never made it out of training camp with the Buffalo Bills, according to his IMDB bio.

Leinart even got a show of support from one of his former NFL teammates, Hamza Abdullah, who also spent seven years in the league, so he could relate:

While we wait for Cain to fire back faster than a speeding bullet, check out his previous comments in the video below.