Matt Forte falls to Devin McCourty in Madden tournament

Unfortunately for Matt Forte of the New York Jets, he’s been eliminated from a special charity Madden tournament. Several players of the NFL are in a great tournament with donations going straight to their desired charity of choice.

A few weeks ago, an amazing Madden NFL 2017 tournament by Microsoft Xbox was announced and is already in progress. The Xbox NFL Player Charity Challenge, a bracket-style Madden Tournament, is where the Jets’ Matt Forte and seven other NFL players will go head to head over Xbox Live for the chance to win $51,000 and Microsoft products (Surface Pro 4s and Xbox Ones) for their favorite charity.

Last night, Forte lost a defensive battle to defensive back Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots by a final score of 3-0. Forte and the Jets’ offense couldn’t get anything going against McCourty and the Patriots defense, which accumulated three total interceptions, including a red zone pick by McCourty in the first half that denied a touchdown.

Forte was the Jets best player on offense with just over 50 combined yards. McCourty will go on to play wide receiver Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks in the semifinals on November 15.

Forte said after the game, “It was a tight defensive battle, but Devin, unfortunately, got me in this one. It was only three minute quarters so I couldn’t use myself as much and run the ball, so I think that put me at a bit of a disadvantage, but it’s for charity, so it’s all good. I’m bummed I couldn’t bring home the win for my foundation, but I’m wishing Devin good luck in the next round.”

I was fortunate enough to actually speak to Forte before his Madden matchup against McCourty on Tuesday. When asked how his playing style in Madden is, here’s what he had to say:

Versatile, pretty much how I am on the field. I’m not the type of Madden player to focus just on the passing game but mostly use underneath routes, lots of screen plays, and hit the running back in open space when possible.

You can watch a full stream of all Madden matchups by clicking here. For more info on the Xbox NFL Player Charity Challenge, please visit Xbox Charity Challenge.

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