Marshawn Lynch popping wheelies in Scotland (Video)

Marshawn Lynch is loving life as a retired NFL player. He’s at it again, having more fun than anybody else, popping wheelies on a bicycle in Scotland.

It’s been over a year since Marshawn Lynch played his last NFL game as a running back for the Seattle Seahawks. In his prime, Lynch was one of the most physically dominating running backs in NFL history.

Though he could still play in the NFL if he wanted to, don’t think for a second that Lynch wants back into the NFL grind. He is clearly enjoying his NFL retirement. Here is Lynch popping wheelies on a bicycle during his trip to Scotland.

Lynch may have been one of the best tailbacks of his generation, but he is also the gold standard for how to enjoy life post-football. Since hanging up the spikes after the 2015 NFL season, Lynch has been seen ghost-riding camels in Egypt, tackling kids at his football camp, narrating Iguana vs. Snakes, and driving a golf cart all over his alma mater Cal’s football field.

This guy gets it. Life is short, so make the absolute most of it. After growing up in a very rough part of Oakland, Lynch became a cultural phenomenon known as Beast Mode with Pete Carroll’s Seahawks. Lynch won a Super Bowl in 2013 and went to another in 2014.

In his early 30s, Lynch is clearly past his useful life as an NFL running back. He doesn’t really seem concerned about that, as his life is just beginning. Lynch is all about that action, boss and will go down as the greatest endorser of Skittles. Overall, Lynch is a borderline Pro Football Hall of Famer, but don’t expect him to be getting back into the NFL any time soon.

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