Marquette King Fined For Horse-Collar Tackle

Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King has been fined by the NFL for a horse-collar tackle in Week 2.

With about 1:30 remaining until halftime, trailing 10-7, the Raiders were forced to punt. King booted one 55 yards, only to have Atlanta Falcons return man Eric Weems run it back 73 yards.

No one on punt coverage could make a tackle, so it was up to Marquette. He was able to grab Weems from behind, but unfortunately it was a horse-collar tackle. Luckily, Weems was not injured on the play.

King saved an Atlanta touchdown, and the Raiders defense held the Falcons to a field goal. So they went into halftime trailing 13-7 instead of 17-7.

For the horse-collar, King was fined $18,231, per Ian Rapoport.

King joked that he would have to setup a GoFundMe account to help pay the fine.

King also made light of the situation, referring to how the long return was bad for stats.

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