Mark Sanchez Throws Two Interceptions in Seven Minutes (Video)

After the Dallas Cowboys were wowed by one drive by Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez held true to form as he threw two interceptions on his first two drives.

The Dallas Cowboys had a plan coming into Week 17 regarding their quarterbacks. Dak Prescott would start as per usual, but only play a couple of drives. That happened, and then Tony Romo made his season-debut as he came in and delivered a touchdown pass. However, that was all she wrote for Romo. That made way for Mark Sanchez, much to the delight of his opponent and former employer, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Between the infamous Butt Fumble and another of other follies, Sanchez has become a punch-line more than anything else as his career has gone on. For those hoping that a stint in Dallas, even as a third-stringer in relief, would be different, you were sorely mistaken.

On his first drive of the afternoon in Week 17, the veteran quarterback ran for one yard and was sacked, leading to a punt and three-and-out. On his next drive, though, Sanchez almost immediately made a horrible play. He was looking for Alfred Morris on a quick screen, so the blocking was intentionally moved downfield. Instead, Sanchez panicked and made a horrible throw right into the big mitts of Jordan Hicks, who hauled in the interception:

But if you thought Sanchez was done there, he was just getting ready to go full Mark Sanchez. On the next drive, Sanchez waited to long to make his read and throw and got his hand hit while going forward. The wobbly duck again fell right to Hicks, giving him two interceptions off of the Sanchize in as many drives:

It’s good to see that the new year hasn’t changed Mark Sanchez. For what it’s worth, it took Sanchez seven minutes to throw as many interceptions as the rookie Prescott did in seven weeks.

Obviously this is a meaningless game for the Cowboys, hence why the third-string quarterback is even in the game. However, it’s pretty clear now why Sanchez has been demoted to such a role. One pick looks bad enough when it’s your fault. But then doing it twice in two drives is just unforgivable.

But hey; at least he avoided any of his linemen’s rear-ends on both of these turnovers.

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