Mark Sanchez backs off dismissal of Tim Tebow

Mark Sanchez tried to clarify his previous comments about Tim Tebow.
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

By Larry Brown

Mark Sanchez is backing off of his quote from late April that made it seem like he was dismissing Tim Tebow and the former Heisman Trophy winner’s chances of being a significant player with the Philadelphia Eagles.

After Tebow was signed by Philly, Sanchez was quoted as saying he was told Tebow was brought in to be another camp arm. It was a somewhat innocent response, but it seemed like Sanchez was dismissing his former backup QB with the Jets. Sanchez wants to make it clear that that is not how he feels about the man who is now his teammate for the second time. 

“I think that kind of came off the wrong way,” Sanchez said last week via ESPN. “At least it was not exactly what I intended to say. It took on a life of its own. Listen, everybody’s here for a reason. We’re all working hard, trying to make each other better. Coach wanted specific guys here for specific reasons. That’s up to coach. We just plug in and play.”

That’s a much more politically correct answer from Sanchez, especially considering that he isn’t exactly the most solidified guy on the roster. 

But Sanchez’s comments bring up a good point in general about the matter. What exactly is Tebow’s role on the Eagles? Is he competing to be the third-string QB? Is he a two-point conversion and short-yardage specialist? Will he even make the team?

Chip Kelly recently said he envisions one role and one role only for Tebow. We will soon find out what that means for the former Florida star.

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