Manziel’s mentor concerned after admission of drinking

Johnny Manziel's high school coach and mentor is concerned for the Browns quarterback.
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

By Grey Papke

Johnny Manziel’s high school coach and mentor is concerned after Manziel admitted to drinking after being pulled over by police following a domestic incident.

Julius Scott was Manziel’s quarterbacks coach and offensive quarterback in high school, and the two are close enough that Scott quit his job and stayed with the Browns quarterback during the spring after Manziel asked him to. Scott told USA Today that he has not spoken to Manziel since the recent incident, but is concerned about the quarterback after his offseason stint in rehab.

“Did that surprise me? Yes, it did,” Scott told the paper with regards to Manziel’s admission of drinking.

“If he asked me if I thought drinking was a good idea, I would say absolutely not,” he added. “You’d have to have your head examined if you said, ‘It’s OK to go have a couple.'”

Scott added that Manziel was sober during the time they spent together during the spring, and the two haven’t spoken in nearly a month. 

“He seemed to be in a good spot,” Scott said of their most recent talk on September 21. “Things seemed to be rocking along well. I love that boy, and I’m always going to stand by no matter what.”

Manziel admitted he had been drinking after being pulled over by police on Monday following a domestic dispute. His girlfriend later downplayed the incident.

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