Malcolm Jenkins on McCoy trade: Could’ve gotten more

The Philadelphia Eagles' safety thinks the team could have gotten more in the trade for LeSean McCoy.
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

By Andrew Doughty

The dust finally appears to be settling from the shocking LeSean McCoy trade and subsequent insane free agency frenzy, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some interesting remarks on the feisty NFL offseason.

One of those remarks came from McCoy’s old Philly teammate, Malcolm Jenkins, who said Eagles players weren’t particularly surprised by the deal but they were definitely surprised by how it went down and what the team got in return for a Pro Bowl running back. Jenkins appeared on NFL AM on Wednesday, saying:

For everybody who is in the locker room and really knows Chip (Kelly) and what he’s looking for, it wasn’t necessarily surprising. You look at the style of runner that Chip wants in his offense and even though Shady is one of the best backs in the league, he’s not necessarily what Chip is looking for all the time.

In the locker room a lot of guys weren’t surprised by the trade, what we were more surprised of was that it was just a player-for-player trade. I think everybody thought we would have gotten more — Kiko, plus a couple draft picks, you know, somebody else.

The thoughts are nothing new, as many have been wondering the same thing since the early March McCoy-Alonso swap but Jenkins does reveal that our curiosities mirror those inside the Philadelphia Eagles circle. It remains one of the more shocking trades in recent memory and it will be fascinating to watch it play out in the coming years.

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