Mailbag: Scoopage on contenders, Merriman, Marshall

The NFL’s top insider Jay Glazer has finished up his Glaze Across America camp tour after another wild journey (see for yourself).

Here’s his latest mailbag hit as we close in on the NFL’s opening weekend, as Jay answers questions about several Super Bowl contenders, as well as his usual off-field exploits. To send Jay a question, either:

A) Click the Glaze Across America page, then submit your name and question/comment in the Fan Forum section.

B) “Tweet” a question or comment to Jay via his running Twitter page, either via (jay_glazer) or here.

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    Scoopage on … myself

    Editor’s note: Glazer was involved in a motorcycle accident Thursday night. Here’s his account and update …

    Just a heads up on the scoopage with myself, I am fine. In pain (and frustratingly without Vicodin), but fine.

    Sadly, my baby (Jay’s motorcycle) is not. It’s wrecked with probably around five or six thousand bucks worth of damage. I know that many of you Tweeting have asked for shots of the bike in addition to my arm, but out of respect to her, I cannot … it’s too painful.

    Now since those insensitive jerks in the newsroom keep bugging me when CLEARLY I’d rather be licking my wounds and chilling out, here’s the scoopage on what happened:

    We were done rehearsing our new show, The AfterParty (which launches on next week), and I was racing with Chuck Liddell to go watch the Steelers-Titans game at the Belmont. I had my sunglasses on and just as I went to take ’em off, the car in front of me stopped quickly.

    It’s crazy how quickly it goes through your mind, but I knew immediately if I turned I would’ve hit another car. So I had to make a choice, and laid down going about 40 MPH. I slid and rolled another 20-30 yards. Apparently, the reason the person ahead of me stopped was there was a water-main break.

    There were cones to warn people, and the driver stopped right before that first cone, so I slid from the cone to until the end. I was sliding on my left side, and while sliding I had time to flip over and didn’t wanna hit my head on an exhaust pipe or the rear bumper in case the car didn’t move again.

    Afterward, I hopped up on my feet, checked for broken bones and THANKED GOD ALMIGHTY nothing was broken. Luckily for me, there were firemen there working on the water main. They were awesome, but they looked at me like, “Dude, what is wrong with you?”

    I will say this, when it was happening immediately, the adrenaline was flying. I got up and after checking myself, was pissed off and threw my helmet to the ground. But after I was OK, I grabbed my phone and asked one fireman to take a picture. I told him, “Dude, I’ve gotta Twitter this.”

    They thought I was nuts, and were like, “When this wears off, you’re gonna feel it alright.”

    Field (mail)box

    QUESTION — Mike Hayes from Toms River, NJ on the Giants: “Jay, don’t follow the crowd and say the Giants can’t win or collapsed because of Plax’s exit. We beat Seatle in October when Plax was suspended for a game. We beat Pittsburgh when Plax was benched in the first half for missing a treatment. We beat Arizona in November when Plax took himself out of the game after the first series. We beat Washington the day after Plax shot himself, but before he was suspended. We beat Carolina without Plax and TC (Tom Coughlin) admits he should not have pulled the first team in the first half in the last game against Minny.

    “We LOST the three games everyone points to because the D was worn down. That was taken care of with the addition of Canty, Boley and Bernard! Have a good season!”

    jay_glazer: Who’s saying they’re not gonna beat anyone? I think they’re definitely one of the top 4-5 teams in the NFL. That said, I think there’s a huge battle between them and Philly for the division. Everyone talks about losing Plax, but what about also losing Steve Spagnuolo at defensive coordinator? I think that’s gonna be a huge loss for that team.

    QUESTION — Jesse Palmer from Southern California on the Titans: “Yo Jay, what’s up with nobody showing any love for the Tennessee Titans? We were the best team in football all year last season, and only defeated ourselves against Baltimore in the playoffs by two fumbles in the red zone during crunch time, and dominated the Steelers in that Week 16 matchup where home field was on the line. Where do u see the Titans going this year?”

    jay_glazer: It’s funny what happens when a team loses one game or marquee player, or gets one, in the offseason. Suddenly everyone thinks the team will immediately go from Super Bowl contender to pretender, or vice versa. Tennessee is always a very well-coached team under Jeff Fisher, and I think they’ll be tough. They’re my pick in the AFC South.


    jay_glazer: “First of all, Seau and Shawne are two totally different players. One’s a pass rusher/playmaker (Merriman), the other was an overall playmaker (Seau). That’s like comparing LT and Mike Singletary.

    As far as him being ready, here’s one thing I know bout Shawne: The dude loves football, period. Now he does like trying to use football to increase his profile in other areas, but he’s got to be careful of letting that get in the way of his main priority, which is football. But working with him last year on FSN’s Pro Football Preview, I know — no pun intended — how his light switch goes on any time we talk about the game.

    I don’t know how much Chargers GM A.J. Smith really wants him long-term, but as far as being a disruptive pass rusher, guys like that don’t grow on trees.”

    QUESTION — Don from Bradenton, FL on his Bucs: “Are the Bucs just saving money and setting themselves up for the 2010 player lockout?”

    jay_glazer: Don’t forget, they tried very hard to get Albert Haynesworth this offseason (signed with Redskins for $100 million deal) and very hard in the three-way talks involving Matt Cassel to Denver and Jay Cutler to Tampa. So it’s not completely fair to say they are just sitting by on the sidelines with all that cap room. Trust me, I know for a fact that they made a very serious run at Haynesworth.

    QUESTION — Edward from Santa Rosa, CA on the Cowboys RB situation: “Will Felix Jones become the feature running back for the Dallas Cowboys this season over Marion Barber?”

    jay_glazer: No, that’s not the plan at all. The game plan is to have Barber go in there and bang and bang and bang. They want Felix to be used as a weapon in a variety of ways, both running and catching the ball.

    QUESTION — from Albert Myers from San Angelo, TX on the Cowboys: “I see the Cowboys winning 12 games this year. Am I insane?”

    downlevel description

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    jay_glazer: I think in that division it will be very hard for any team to win 12 games this season. They are all gonna beat each other up a lot. But do I think Dallas will be a very good team? Yeah, I do.

    QUESTION — Mike from Denver, CO on Brandon Marshall: “I know the Broncos say there has been ‘NO’ trade discussions. What are you thoughts, should the Broncos hold or fold?”

    jay_glazer: They absolutely must hold. Marshall could become one of the most dominant threats in this league. So my advice to the Broncos is to deal with the soap opera that goes along with him. They already got rid of one star in Cutler. So a trade is something I completely do not agree with.

    QUESTION — Bobby from Montgomery, NY on the Jets: “Could you please be completely honest with me and straightforward and tell me exactly how you think the Jets season will go down? I personally think they are a legitimate contender and I’m a fan, but anticipation is making me nervous as hell! I need to see postseason!”

    jay_glazer: Obviously this season goes as Mark Sanchez goes. I can’t answer the question accurately, because I can’t — and no one can yet — answer how he’s going to react and perform. If he could react like some of recent rookies, like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, they should be solid. They’ve got a tough roster, but right now there’s just no way of knowing how he’ll respond until the bullets start flying.

    Will Jay gets a bus deal and a driver???

    QUESTION — Richard Burton from Weston, WI: “I have a cdl and if you find a bus, I would love to become the driver. I too love football and live and breathe it.”

    QUESTION — markcleary (Twitter): “saw your latest mailbag said you were looking for a bus. I work at Navistar we own monoco coach. Interested?”

    jay_glazer: Damn right, I’m interested. Who wouldn’t be??? As much as I made fun of Mort this summer for his camp bus, I really hope he started a trend. Have your people get in touch with my people and let’s make this happen.

    From the Tweet-bag

    Jay dishes on off-field matters

    QUESTION — Ken ( Cleveland, OH: “In all your travels, who do you think has the most attractive cheerleaders? I think they could help here in Cleveland, at least something going on down on the field.”

    jay_glazer: To be honest with you, I’m kind of partial to the Redskins’. That has always been the toughest part of working the sidelines during NFL games. Trust me, when down on the field, there is no real weak link in the bunch.

    QUESTION — LARUSSO3626 on Jay’s buddy Chuck Liddell’s upcoming role on Dancing With the Stars: “i can only picture the Iceman’s face when Bruno tells him that the ‘heat’ from his dance moves melted him.”

    QUESTION — cdwill77 on Liddell: “do those guys realize the training they are getting themselves into?”

    jay_glazer: Yeah, Chuck came over the other day. He’s down to about 216 pounds now and looks like a totally different guy. But still, I can’t get used to him telling me, “Hey bro, can you come get me from dance practice?” I’d much rather hear him ask me, “Dude, can you come get me from triage?”