Mailbag: Glazer’s firsthand take on Vick

With NFL insider Jay Glazer embarking on his Glaze Across America camp tour, he’s checking his mailbag periodically throughout his journey.

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Peeking through Glaze’s mail …

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    Glazer Tweet-box

    QUESTION — JoeGrady78 on his Eagles’ doubts: “Do you see double digit wins in the forecast for the eagles? I hope i’m wrong but i don’t.”

    jay_glazer: “I do, absolutely. I think this team is stacked. I like the moves they made in the offseason to upgrade. And I don’t buy any of this ‘get in rhythm’ talk — I think Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick together will be extremely dangerous.

    “Right now, Vick looks like a guy who’s just starting training camp. He’s still got moves, some speed, but is still a few weeks away from getting into his game rhythm again. He apparently did a lot of lifting in prison and added more muscle onto his frame. We’re gonna see if he can carry it at the same speed, but he looked much more comfortable that I thought he’d look at this point. But he definitely looks jacked from the last time I saw him.”

    QUESTION — BuckeyeRidley on Jay’s visit to New York City: “Have a safe trip (to NYC) Jay! Do u root 4 G-Men or J! E! T! S!??”

    jay_glazer: “I actually don’t root for anybody, I root for everybody. I just love good football. Obviously the people you build good relationships with, you’d like to see do well, too. But I honestly don’t care who makes the Super Bowl, as long as it’s not a lopsided matchup. No matter who it is, I’ll have friends on both teams.”

    QUESTION —’s LisaHorne on Jay’s camp travels: “Do you get frequent RV miles for this soiree?”

    jay_glazer: “No, I’m not Mort — I slum it like the rest of the insiders. If anybody has a bus and would like to sponsor me next year, I’d be happy to take you up on that offer. I absolutely am horrified to fly anymore. You would be too, if you had to fly every 36 hours. Believe me, I have my reasons.”

    QUESTION — holyrollerwa after Jay Tweeted a lakeside photo from Seattle: “Are you evangelical?”

    jay_glazer: “Nope, just appreciative of my everyday blessings. It’s nice to step back from football to see what’s going on in the real world and what we’re blessed with. We in sports sometimes think we’re so damn important, and we’re really not.”

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    QUESTION — Scott_Elpers on Randy Couture’s loss in UFC 102: “He lost, yet fought his ass off. We cheered like crazy. The man is older than my dad. So proud.”

    jay_glazer: “Obviously I’ve been around a lot of fighters, but there’s something different about Randy. He honestly seems to enjoy everything about fighting. The guy’s smiling when he’s in there because the guy’s just happy to be there.

    “We actually had a talk that day of the fight, trying to remind himself about why he fights. He fights because it’s fun … he’s happy doing something he wants to do. Just sitting in the back with him before the fight, he was pretty much just cracking jokes almost up until the time for him to go down to the octagon. He kept it loose and light, and he’s the one who does that.

    “By the way, a side note — Brock Lesnar came into Randy’s locker room and sat for 10-15 minutes just hanging out, shooting the breeze. I think Brock is really starting to understand now about the camaraderie in UFC and the respect the fighters have for each other — and really embracing it. I think you’ll see a different Brock Lesnar pretty soon than the guy who made a spectacle out of UFC 100.”

    Glazer Mailbox

    QUESTION — from Ray Watson in Rising Sun, MD on the NFC North: “Hi Jay, do you see Chicago as the team to beat? I think it should be a close 3-way battle betw GB, CHI, MIN. I like what Derrick Williams has brought to the table in Detroit. Will be watching FOX pregame as always every week.”

    jay_glazer: “That division and the NFC East are the two toughest divisions in football. I think Packers will be improved with their 3-4 scheme on defense and Aaron Rodgers not having to deal with any QB controversy this time around. Plus don’t forget how badly they were decimated by injuries last year. The Bears with Jay Cutler and a rejuvenated Brian Urlacher have given Chicago a balanced team for the first time in eons. Let’s not forget about Minnesota, who is stacked from top to bottom. I think that division’s totally up for grabs.”

    QUESTION — Donny Jackson in Amarillo, TX on Jerry Jones’ new stadium in Dallas: “Do you happen to know why the Dallas Cowboys didn’t place a star at the 50-yard line at the new stadium?”

    jay_glazer: “Actually I don’t know, because I was too busy trying to hit the video board with a potato toss.”

    QUESTION — Mark Landino from Vancouver, WA on Redskins QB Jason Campbell: “How well do you think Campbell will play this year?”

    jay_glazer: “One of the things I like about Campbell is that throughout all the controversies during the offseason, he just kept his mouth shut. Now I hope means he’s gonna keep it all inside, internalize it and take a big smack back at the Redskins. I guess we’ll see what he’s made of.”