Los Angeles Rams Sticking With Case Keenum in Week 10 is No Surprise

Jeff Fisher claims Case Keenum will continue to start for the Los Angeles Rams in Week 10.

At the beginning of the season, Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher claimed he was going with Case Keenum as the starter due to the fact he believed the quarterback gave the team their best chance of making a playoff run. While that method seemed to work at the beginning of the season, the last few games have proven that Keenum may not have what it takes to handle the job of a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Unfortunately, Fisher and the Rams don’t have much of a choice at this point other than to stick with Keenum in Week 10 against the New York Jets.

As if losing their last four games wasn’t already frustrating enough, Fisher knows the next few games may determine his future with the organization. Even though there were talks at the beginning of the season about a possible extension, which made sense when it comes to developing Jared Goff, Rams fans seem to have lost all faith in Fisher leading this team.

How bad has it been for Fisher? Well, let’s just say Fisher has never recorded a winning record with Los Angeles as head coach and is currently in the middle of his fifth year with the team sitting at 3-5 heading into Week 10.

Basically, Rams fans have every reason in the world to be frustrated over Fisher.

The sad thing is as much as fans want to see Fisher replace Keenum with Goff, it’s simply not going to happen at this point. It would be one thing if Los Angeles was expected to be a work in progress, but this was a team that was once 3-1 earlier in the season, and seemed capable of being a playoff caliber team in the NFC.

In other words, Fish realizes he’s going to receive most of the blame for the downfall over the last four games, and the last thing he can afford to do is hand the duties over to a rookie at quarterback. Between not officially being eliminated from contention along with Fisher fighting for his job over the next three games, Keenum isn’t going to be benched anytime soon by the Rams.

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