The Los Angeles Rams unveiled a new logo and Twitter had a response

Ahead of the Rams’ fifth season in Los Angeles, they are making changes – but not just to the roster.

The Los Angeles Rams are relocating to SoFi Stadium, a multibillion-dollar arena complex in Inglewood, California.

And with the move, the franchise has upgraded its look.

The Rams’ updated colors of royal blue and yellow essentially “throw it back” to their previous stint as a franchise in Los Angeles, while their prominent use of “LA” celebrates and cements their return to the West Coast.

One of their logos is also a tribute to the past, with a modern twist on the classic ram’s head.

And the other features an “LA” with a ram’s horn curved around the letters.

Rams players say they love the change.

A couple fans and sports media members were vibin’ with it.

But of course, there has been some sharp criticism, as well.

New uniforms to match will be unveiled later this year, likely between the NFL draft and training camp.

We’ll keep you posted on the response to those.