Lorenzo Alexander: Buffalo Bills Need to Keep Tyrod Taylor

Lorenzo Alexander shared his opinions on what the Buffalo Bills need to do with Tyrod Taylor.

Lorenzo Alexander surprised the whole league with what he was able to do last season and he’s not ready to let up now. Entering his 11th season in the league, his future with the Buffalo Bills is still up in the air — along with other notable players like Tyrod Taylor and Stephon Gilmore.

Alexander signed a one-year, $885,000 contract with the Buffalo Bills last offseason. He was added for depth at the linebacker position, but mostly for special teams — which is where he’s made a name for himself throughout his career.

After spending the season with Buffalo, Alexander feels comfortable here and loves calling this city a home.

“I’ve been moving around a lot lately, so I really don’t want to go to a different team,” Alexander told ESPN. “I actually love Buffalo. I love that fan base. It’s a historic football city. So I would love to go back there. But at the end of the day, you know how this business works. It’s a lot of variables that can happen.”

Personally, I would love to see Lorenzo Alexander in a Bills’ uniform next season.

Alexander isn’t the only Buffalo Bills‘ player that is unsure of their future with the team. In fact, there’s nearly 30 other players that aren’t sure yet.

One of those players happens to be our starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor’s name has been buzzing around the web ever since the Bills decided to sit him Week 17 vs. the Jets. Ever since then, there has been speculation that the Bills are moving on from him, that the Bills are keeping him, that other teams are interested, yada yada yada.

Speculation is great, but I think we are all ready to find out what’s next for Tyrod Taylor. My opinion has stayed the same ever since the season ended — keep him. Apparently, Lorenzo Alexander feels the same way.

On WGR 550, Alexander commented on the whole Tyrod Taylor situation and reiterated that he wants Taylor back in Buffalo:

“I’m interested to see what continues to happen with Tyrod (Taylor) and all that stuff in the offseason because I think he’s one of our best players on our team and is a great player and can play at a high level,” Alexander said. “So hopefully, he gets his shot to come back and hopefully, he proves everybody, you know, right.”

I agree. I refuse to listen to anyone that says Tyrod’s play in 2016 was trash. He made some mistakes and obviously has a lot to work on this offseason, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play and definitely doesn’t mean he’s trash. He’s just simply a young quarterback learning.

Look around. I don’t see many young quarterbacks doing what Tyrod Taylor is able to do. College football isn’t producing quarterbacks like they used to and in my opinion, the NFL is transitioning into a league controlled by running backs — although it’s not quite there yet.

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With that being said, having the top running attack in the league and a quarterback that fits with it is just putting the Bills one step ahead of everyone else.

Alexander also believes that Taylor gives the Bills the best shot at winning a championship:

“Obviously, in this league, you have to have a QB if you want to play for a championship and that’s something I haven’t had an opportunity to do, Alexander said. “I love Tyrod. I respect his work ethic and hopefully, he’s back there because I think he’s the guy for the job.”

Again, I agree with Alexander. Tyrod Taylor isn’t going to be the best quarterback in the league next season — no matter which team he is playing for — but I have no doubt that he will be the best quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

I would love to see Buffalo re-sign Lorenzo Alexander and also keep Taylor in Buffalo. Alexander is getting older and being with the Bills will give him the chance to play special teams and rotate on defense, while fighting for that ultimate prize.

What do you think of Lorenzo Alexander‘s comments on Tyrod Taylor? Leave your comments below!

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