Longtime Jaguars executive Prescott resigns as CFO

After 17 seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bill Prescott

has resigned as chief financial officer.

The team says Prescott left to ”pursue new opportunities and


Prescott, who plans to remain in the Jacksonville area, says he

has ”nothing but great memories” and has ”made friends for


Prescott will remain as an advisor to his replacement, Kelly

Flanagan. She was promoted Monday to vice president of finance and

planning. Flanagan spent the last year as the team’s business

planning manager.

Flanagan was part of Jaguars team president Mark Lamping’s

executive staff in New York at MetLife Stadium. Flanagan served in

the finance department and was ultimately named controller and lead

stadium finance representative to the Giants and Jets.

Lamping calls Flanagan ”one of our industry’s remarkably

promising executives.”