Little Ben McAdoo Wins Week 17 for Giants (Photo)

The young fan who dressed up as ‘Little Ben McAdoo’ wins Week 17 for his perfect cosplay of the New York Giants head coach.

Though still in his first season as a head coach, New York Giants skipper Ben McAdoo has become a bit of an Internet sensation. For his unique overall look to his enormous dinner-menu style playsheet filled with Post-It notes, it’s hard to not be fascinated by him. And now apparently he has a miniature version of himself that’s willing to follow the coach to Landover, MD.

Ahead of the Giants’ Week 17 matchup with the Washington Redskins, the fans for the G-Men were in FedEx Field in full-effect. While many of those fans may be passionate, none of them are quite as dedicated as young Peter Costigan from Wayne, PA.

How do I know that? I don’t see any other children in the crowd dressed in a full Ben McAdoo get-up, complete with a mock play-sheet menu and Post-Its. But that’s what Costigan did for the big NFC East game and he rightfully was dubbed “Little Ben McAdoo:”

In the age of the Internet, Costigan just became an Internet legend. Call that cosplay or call it being a young crazed Giants fan, that’s a perfect get-up from the youngster.

The photo was taken well before kickoff in Landover, but let’s all hope that the Giants head coach of this. If there’s one thing that’s certain to start the 2017 season, it’s that a picture with Little Ben McAdoo and actual McAdoo might melt down the internet.

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