Lions WR Marvin Jones explains why he keeps a jar of pickles in his locker

George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones keeps a jar of pickles in his locker at all times and hopes he never has to use it. But it’s there for a reason: In the event of serious cramping, which Jones has suffered from before and used pickle juice to treat.

"I had really bad cramps a lot," Jones told’s Kyle Meinke. "I used to drink pickle juice, and it helps. It does help, all the salt."

Indeed, there is scientific research in support. The New York Times explains Brigham Young University’s study in 2010:

In his first season with the Lions, the relatively modest heat and humidity has not yet forced Jones to crack the jar. But maybe you recall the Eagles-Cowboys "Pickle Juice Game" in September 2000, when the NFC East squads battled in 109-degree heat. Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder advised his players to drink pickle juice to help the athletes replace all the salt and fluids lost from heavy sweating.

"I may start drinking pickle juice when I’m just sitting home chilling," former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas joked.

Whatever works.