Lions WR Johnson poised to show ‘old man strength’

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson intends to use his

”old man strength” to teach Ravens free safety Matt Elam a lesson

about showing respect to his elders.

Elam said Wednesday that Johnson ”is pretty old” and that

Baltimore would try to get physical against the talented star to

”make him uncomfortable.”

Elam is only six years younger than the 28-year-old Johnson, who

responded to the rookie’s comments during a conference call with

Baltimore media Thursday. After calling the Ravens’ safeties

”young,” Johnson said, ”I’m getting old, man. I’ll show him what

that old man strength is about, though.”

He added, ”Anything that comes at me throughout the week, you

just take it and put it in that box over there and use it as


Johnson leads the NFL with 12 touchdown catches and 1,348 yards


Of Elam, Johnson said, ”He plays back. I don’t see him every

play unless I run past him.”

Speaking after practice Thursday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh

explained, ”I think everybody’s old to Matt Elam. Matt’s pretty

young, and hopefully he learns from his opportunity to speak to the

media this week.”

Asked if Elam’s comments angered him, Harbaugh answered, ”I

don’t appreciate it. It doesn’t help us. You get a guy like Calvin

Johnson all fired up, that’s really not the idea.

”I mean, it’s Monday night football. They’ve deemed it a

playoff game for them. … I don’t think they needed that to get

fired up, but we didn’t need to give it to them, either.”