The Daily Buzz: Tuesday, June 11

So . . . did anything happen in sports yesterday?

No? OK, good.

Well, in that case, here are some of the stories you may have missed during another boring off-day before the Stanley Cup Finals and NBA Finals pick up again:

• The New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow.

• An unplayable hole at soggy Merion could be a doomsday scenario for the US Open.

• A sad story on what should have been a happy day for Arturo Gatti.

• There was some fog in Chicago last night:

• Chauncey Billups wins Teammate of the Year award, then slams teammate.

• This is one scary fish.

• You won’t believe what this doctor did to earn himself nine months in jail.

• Beyonce wrote a letter to Serena Williams after Williams won the French Open on Saturday:

• How the national anthem turned into a Blackhawks rallying cry.

• Wes Welker violated NCAA rules and infuriated BYU fans on Twitter.

• Check out the the rockin’ stache on tree poisoner Harvey Updyke as he’s released from prison:

• Hope for the Cubs? Maybe. Their top prospect blasted four homers in a Class-A game Monday.

• Rick Pitino’s commemorative Maker’s Mark bottles were gone in a flash.

• A battle is brewing over the custody of Jovan Belcher’s daughter.

• Dr. J is 63 years old. Dr. J can also still dunk:

• Tony Stewart is racing Tuesday — but not where you might expect.

• Check out this awesome Seahawks-themed wedding.

• Give this man a round of applause:

• Drew Brees is suing a former teammate over an alleged investment scam.

• Georgetown is looking for an assistant men’s basketball coach. Qualifications: Must understand basketball.

• NBA center Dwight Howard is slightly taller than comedian Kevin Hart:

• From Sunday… why catch one home run ball when you can catch two?

• Forty years after being the No. 2 overall selection in baseball draft, John Stearns is still part of the game.

• You must see this awesome catch by Twins prospect Byron Buxton:

• Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is now 70, and the 30-year-old story of Nancy Argentino’s death is still in the news.

• Matt Bonner: Sandwich King.

• Who is charging what for baseball tickets?

• Finally, an oversight was corrected, and Bo McMillin is in the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.