Lindsey Vonn rehabbed competitively with Gronk

Lindsey Vonn is very competitive even when it comes to rehabbing an injury which she did "against" Rob Gronkowski.
TBS/Conan O'brien

By NESN Staff

Lindsey Vonn has been in the headlines lately for non-sports reasons, but make no mistake: The accomplished skier is one heck of an athlete, and she’s super competitive.

Rob Gronkowski found that out first-hand last offseason.

Vonn joined host Conan O’Brien on his late-night show Tuesday night, and among the topics of discussion was the ESPYs, where both she and the New England Patriots tight end are up for Best Comeback Athlete, along with Alex Rodriguez and Derrick Rose.

In talking about her recovery from a devastating knee injury, Vonn revealed she rehabbed alongside Gronkowski, who was hoping to bounce back from his own ACL injury that ended his 2013 season.

According to Vonn, it didn’t take long for things to get super competitive. (Skip to 1:45 to hear her talk Gronk.)

We can only imagine Vonn and Gronk’s heated battles on the arm bike.

Vonn also showed her competitiveness by telling Conan she should be the favorite to beat out Gronk for the ESPY.

“I think my injury was a lot worse, so technically I should win,” she said.

Neither athlete seems too fond of losing, so we’re guessing one person will leave the award show Wednesday night in a bad mood.

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